Varsity Head Coach
Mike Curley
407-206-1900 ext. 1180

Assistant Varsity Coach
Ty Segrest
407-206-1900 ext. 1183

Realizing the uniqueness of each child, our goal is to educate and nurture every child at every age through the LHPS swim program. We aim to develop each individual as far as their dreams, talents, and efforts will take them. 

Our coaching develops self-confidence, character, and skills in our swimmers. We also encourage parents to actively support their child and the program. Through this caring and considerate environment, we provide our community with individuals who are becoming the best they can be as students, citizens, and athletes. 

Through committed, purposeful practice, each student-athlete sets goals and works hard to achieve those goals. 
We capture our philosophy in the words COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE:

COURAGE is the willingness to accept risk and endure failures. Courage exists when there is a situation that presents the opportunity for success. We encourage our athletes to embrace these opportunities and not to fear the outcome.

PERSEVERANCE is the backbone of success in life. One cannot succeed at the highest levels without enduring some setbacks. Without perseverance, difficult times can create a lack of faith, low self-esteem, and decreased enthusiasm. Perseverance is the quality that transcends these difficult challenges, allowing the individual to find the true strength of their character.

The Highlander Coaching staff believes that developing COURAGE and PERSEVERANCE through swimming, individuals are prepared for the challenges they will face in life.


These are the 2017 Varsity Banquet Videos, Hope you enjoy...

Spell on Me
Wild Flowers
Highlander Dopplegangers
Senior Veneration 
Banquet Introduction  


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1st Day of High School Practice for 2018: August 15th 3:30 pm

Varsity Rules and Expectations:
Be Respectful. Be Courteous. Be Honest. Be Accountable. Be on Time.
Attend all practices and meets.
Communicate with Coaching Staff about any practice or meet conflicts at least 24 hours in advance.
At each home meet one representative must be at the competition to help "run" the meet.
Available jobs:  Lane Timers, Daktronics workers, Officials and Computer Operators.

50 FREE 23.28 Paige Hamilton 
100 FREE 50.82 Desiree Stahley and Abby Burke 
200 FREE 1:48.48 Suzanne Bessire
500 FREE 4:46.05 Katie Duggan 
100 BACK 55.22 Chelsea Britt
100 BREAST 1:02.90 Brielle Bovee
100 FLY 53.83 Chelsea Britt
200 IM 1:59.65  Carley Lowe 
1 METER 11 DIVES 556.15 Brittney Lerew
200 FREE RELAY 1:34.97 Myers, Hamilton, Burke and Lowe 
400 FREE RELAY 3:26.95 Andie Myers, Carley Lowe, Alix Roy and Abby Burke 2016
200 MEDLEY RELAY 1:44.09 Abby Burke, Em Brown, Carley Lowe and Andie Myers 2016


  1. BOYS
    50 FREE 20.36 Sean Duggan 
    100 FREE 44.29 Sean Duggan 

    200 FREE 1:37.81 Hayden Curley 2017
    500 FREE 4:21.92 Hayden Curley  2017
    100 BACK 52.10 Tim Parent
    100 BREAST 56.94 Josh Monacelli 
    100 FLY 50.20 Josh Monacelli 
    200 IM 1:49.74 Sean Duggan
    1 METER 11 DIVES 633.15 Matt Bricker
    200 FREE RELAY 1:25.30 Alex Pena, Riley Springman Josh Monacelii, Andrew duPont
    400 FREE RELAY 3:06..73 Alex Pena, Harlin Bessire, David Perez, Andrew duPont
    200 MEDLEY RELAY 1:35.93 Riley Springman, Josh Monacelli, David Perez, Andrew duPont 

Swim-Varsity Calendar
Upcoming Events
August 2018
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Charles E. Bradshaw Campus (Main Campus), 901 Highland Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, USA
The 2018 Season Begins... 3:30 pm

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